Angel Rose
This original embroidered wall hanging took eleven years to complete. The piece has an angel in the center surrounded by numerous scenes and images that evolved over the course that time.

Lisa was influenced by both of her grandmothers as a child. One of them taught her a love of painting, while the other shared with her the knowledge and joy of thread art.

The piece is composed of a wide variety of types and sizes of stitches, some of which are so small yhat they required a magnifying glass to complete.

The art is approximately 28 x 24 inches. Lisa worked on this piece from 1987 through 1998.


“CANYON” (above) -- Thousands of stitches and about a year of time went into this embroidered picture by Lisa Perry. The canyon scene, which was patterrned after the Grand Canyon, was used as the cover art for her album “Canyon Rose.”  The original embroidery is approximately 24” by 21” and was completed in 1984.

“EAGLE” (right) -- In 1973 Lisa embroidered this original eagle which was on a denim jacket as a gift for her brother Dane Crouch. When the jecket wore out she stitched it to a blue  cordorery background so it could hang in his home.




“GALADRIEL” (above) -- Gladriel, the fairy princess from the “Hobbit” was an early embriodered picture project by Lisa which was originally on the back of a green satin shirt which can still be seen between the trees.


WEDDING SHIRT (above) The back of Jim Perry’s Wedding Shirt is composed of a trinity of circles. This piece symbolizing their marriage was completed in 1976. The front yokes of the shirt were later combined and the border added for the embroidered picture at right.

STARRY NIGHT (below) -- This piece was inspired by Vincent Van Gough and was originally the back of a denim jacket for her father.




During the early years Lisa created dozens of embroidered pictures on western shirts for musicians and friends. The two shirts pictured here were for her parents, Lee and Ruth Crouch. Lee’s shirt (above) and Ruth’s shirt below were done in the 1980’s.



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